Mid-Course Student Survey Questions

One way to demonstrate compassion and responsiveness to students during a course is to administer a mid-course (or more frequent) survey to gather input that you can used to make adjustments during the course. Listed below are suggested survey items, developed by personnel in the Office of Instruction and Assessment. Please contact us with any questions.

Likert Scale Items

My understanding of the course content has increased since the beginning of the course.

I understand what is expected for me to succeed in this course.

Short-Answer Items

What is working well for your learning in this course? 

What challenges are you facing in learning for this course? 

What questions do you have for your instructor(s) in this course? 


These items can be asked using Qualtrics, D2L, Surveymonkey or Google Forms.

The Student Course Survey (SCS, formerly Teacher-Course Evaluation (TCE)) system is the University of Arizona's centrally-supported service for collecting end-of-term feedback from students about UArizona courses and faculty. The UA TCE was collaboratively created in 1993 by students, faculty, academic units, and the administration in order to provide a cost-effective, flexible, professionally administered service to the UArizona community.

As of Fall 2015, the UArizona moved to a completely online SCS system. In Fall 2019, a new set of core questions, designed by faculty and administrators at the University of Arizona, was implemented as part of an effort to increase formative use of students' responses, decrease response time, increase response rates, and to move toward a multi-modal evaluation of teaching effectiveness.

Currently, UArizona SCS online questionnaires are used in more than 90% of UA courses and academic units. The Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA) administers SCS services each academic term and session for academic units. Student surveys of teaching are required by Board of Regents and UArizona policy as one source (among several) of evidence of teaching effectiveness in faculty performance appraisal. The SCS system offers this service to help academic units meet this requirement.