What we ask students:

Likert-scale items (Strongly agree -> Strongly disagree)

  1. In this course, I was encouraged to participate through class activities, projects, and/or assignments.
  2. This course expanded my knowledge and skills in this subject matter.
  3. I was treated with respect in this course.
  4. I was encouraged to analyze and/or apply the concepts and skills taught in this course.
  5. The learning goals for this course were clear to me.
  6. This course helped me to connect the concepts and skills we learned to the world around me.
  7. I feel I learned the subject matter well enough to help another student in this course.
  8. The course presentations, materials, procedures, and deadlines were clearly organized.
  9. I regularly/frequently had the opportunity to ask questions about concepts and skills in this course.
  10. I received feedback on my course work/assignments throughout the semester.
  11. I received feedback on my course work/assignments that helped me learn.
  12. The course material and activities (D2L site, assigned readings, presentations, etc.) helped me learn in this course.

Short-answer items

  1. What did you especially like about this course?
  2. What suggestions would you make to improve the way this course is taught?
  3. Please write any additional comments you may have below.

There are additional standard questions for General Education and Online courses.

Dimensions of Teaching

dimensions of teaching

The SCS items target these 10 key dimensions associated with good teaching practices:

  1. Students are actively engaged in learning
  2. Builds upon students' prior knowledge and experience
  3. Promotes and supports student diversity
  4. Supports students' conceptual understanding
  5. Makes explicit learning outcomes
  6. Uses links between disciplinary and/or inter-disciplinary theory and practice
  7. Uses learning environments, resources, techniques effectively
  8. Presents material in an appropriately structured manner
  9. Seeks feedback on students' understanding and responds appropriately
  10. Provides timely feedback on student work/progress

How were dimensions of teaching and the items decided upon?

A faculty committee comprised of members from colleges across the University met to discuss and identify dimensions of good teaching practices. Once the common dimensions were identified, items were created and tested with focus groups of faculty and students to test their validity.