Getting Started

Department SCS managers must place the orders for their department's SCSs each semester in the SCS Online Tool Suite.

Once logged into the system:

  1. Select your department in the 'Select Academic Organization' dropdown.
  2. In the 'Select Manager Function' dropdown, choose from the following options in both the Individual Sections and Combined Sections option groups:
    • To apply SCS templates to classes: select Ready for SCS selection
    • To review or modify current SCS selections: select Completed SCS selection
    • To view problems preventing SCS selection: select Problems preventing SCSs ​​​​​​
  3. Follow instructions above the list of courses.

Single or Team Style

If the course is taught by a single instructor, the SCS will only have the course level items (12 multiple choice items) and 3 open-ended questions regarding the course and the instructor. If a Team style option is selected, only a single style survey will be given when only one instructor is listed.

If the course is taught by multiple instructors, there is an option to select the Team style survey which includes the 12 course level items and one open-ended question, plus 2 open-ended questions repeated for each listed instructor. 

Additional Questions or Items

To include additional questions or items, create and apply an additional departmental template. Departments are able to add one template with an additional 7 questions to the set of standard items. These questions will be added to the end of the evaluation. There is a library of questions already in the system that may be added. If there is a question that is not on the list, please send it to Becky Pérez at There is no limit on how many templates can be created and they will be saved for use in future semesters.

Creating a Department Template

  1. Select your academic organization (department) from the drop down list.
  2. Select the Template Maintenance from the Manager Function drop down list.
  3. Select Add New Template. Once templates are created, its title will display as an option.
  4. Enter a name and description for the template (for your use).
  5. Click Add Questions to display categories.
  6. Click on a category to view questions. To select a questions, click on the corresponding box.
  7. Question order may be changed by clicking and dragging the arrows to the left of the selected questions.
  8. Save the template.

Adding a Department Template to the SCS Order

  1. In the 'Ready for Selection' or 'Completed SCS Selection' categories, click the box to the left of the courses requiring the additional department template.
  2. From the 'Select template option' menu, choose the option including the name of the department template (i.e., UA SCS + DepartmentTemplateName).
  3. Click the 'Apply' button.

You can verify additional templates have been added in the 'Completed SCS Selection' option. The additional template name will appear in the 'Dept SCS' column.

For access to the ordering site, one-on-one training, or issues with the SCS Online Tool Suite, please contact Becky Pérez at