Students provide a unique perspective on a course.

Graph listing 6 reasons to complete SCS surveys
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Students are able to view past course reports to see what other students thought about the course.

To view these reports visit:

Click on the 'ASUA Reports' tab and use the drop-down menus to access course reports.

What we ask:

Likert-scale items (Strongly agree -> Strongly disagree)

  1. In this course, I was encouraged to participate through class activities, projects, and/or assignments.
  2. This course expanded my knowledge and skills in this subject matter.
  3. I was treated with respect in this course.
  4. I was encouraged to analyze and/or apply the concepts and skills taught in this course.
  5. The learning goals for this course were clear to me.
  6. This course helped me to connect the concepts and skills we learned to the world around me.
  7. I feel I learned the subject matter well enough to help another student in this course.
  8. The course presentations, materials, procedures, and deadlines were clearly organized.
  9. I regularly/frequently had the opportunity to ask questions about concepts and skills in this course.
  10. I received feedback on my course work/assignments throughout the semester.
  11. I received feedback on my course work/assignments that helped me learn.

Short-answer items

  1. What did you especially like about this course?
  2. What suggestions would you make to improve the way this course is taught?
  3. Please write any additional comments you may have below.

There are additional standard questions for General Education and Online courses.

Why do we ask these questions?

Your input can help instructors understand the student experience during the semester. Feedback on course elements, including course activities, course organization, how well you learned the material, and whether you received helpful feedback, can give instructors specific areas to review in how they teach their course.

What kinds of feedback are helpful?

The most helpful feedback to provide your instructor is specific instances that have helped, or have interfered, with your learning. Reflect back on the course and your own learning. What activities or projects helped you understand the concepts better? What was confusing? Although the multiple-choice questions ask about general teaching elements, the open-ended questions provide a space for you to be specific about what helped you learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

A course is not listed on my SCS Online Tool Suite page. How can I complete the SCS?

Since departments must order SCSs, it may mean they will conduct a different student-experience survey or the class did not meet the minimum enrollment. Let your instructor know there is no available SCS for that course, and ask if there is an alternative way to provide feedback.


I logged into the SCS Online Tool Suite but the 'Take SCS' button is not active.

Please check the SCS Open Period dates in the left most column. If it is in the open period and the 'Take SCS' button is not active, please contact the Office of Instruction and Assessment ( or 621-7788).