The SCS Response Percentage Reports provide the ratio of chosen responses per item. When viewing these reports, items with more strongly disagree and disagree responses may indicate areas to improve. 

SCS report showing percentage of each response (strongly disagree - strongly agree) chosen per item

Where to find SCS Response Percentage Reports

Reports can be found in Analytics (employees only; full history/TCEs) and the SCS Online Tool Suite (from Spring 2016). 

To navigate to reports in Analytics:

  1. Log into UAccess Analytics/Reporting ( [Please note: if using off-campus, you will need to use a VPN.]
  2. Using the Dashboards drop-down menu in the upper right side of the screen, select ‘TCE’ and click on the ‘TCE – Teacher Course Evaluation’ link. 
  3. On the TCE Overview page, Instructors should use the ‘TCE Instructor Report’ quicklink and departments should use the 'TCE Department Head Reports' tabs.
  4. Select the filters needed (the fewer, the better; if you want all available reports, use the ‘Reset’ button to the right and select ‘Clear All’) and click ‘Apply’.  When you first navigate to this page, it will display ‘No results’ by default. 
  5. Once you click ‘Apply,’ a table with available TCE reports will appear below the search filters.  The three right-most columns are links to the individual reports. The link to each SCS Response Percentage Report will appear in the TCE Report column. 
  6. When you click on a link for a report, it will open in a new tab.  Please disable any pop-up blockers to allow the browser to open a new tab. Contact 24/7 for help with pop-up blockers (520-626-TECH (8324)).
  7. Initially, the output will be reported by question, displayed simply as a bar graph. We are working to generate a more-informative report and will update the campus when these improved reports are available. 

To navigate to reports in the SCS Online Tool Suite:

  1. Log into the SCS Online Tool Suite ( 
  2. From the instructor tab or department menu, use the drop-down menu to select 'SCS Reports'.  There will be a series of drop-down menus to help you navigate to the report needed.
  3. You can download/save the SCS report using the 'Save' button located at the bottom of the report.
  4. Alternatively, you can download multiple reports using the 'Bulk SCS reports for selected terms'.