Why Student Feedback is Important

Students are in a unique position to provide formative feedback to instructors on their learning experience in a course. Their first-hand experience can provide valuable information based on the entire course, from beginning to end. With well-constructed survey items, students can provide useful data about their learning experiences. In particular, students can provide feedback on what facilitated their learning, what difficulties they faced, and can give a sense of how well they understood and learned from the instructional methods used in the course.

With this feedback, instructors can refine and adapt their teaching methods, and strengthen their classroom-assessment skills.

The Department Head SCS and TCE reports are part of the UAccess Analytics database.

You will be able to:

View the most recent and historical SCS/TCE results.

Get links to the SCS/TCE Report (statistical information), SCS/TCE Comment Report (open-ended questions), and TCE Comparison Reports (available for courses up to Fall 2019).

To view reports:

Once you log in to Analytics, use the ‘Dashboards’ drop-down menu along the top (right side) to select ‘TCE-Teacher Course Evaluation’.

Use the Department Head Report tabs (next to the ‘Overview’ tab), to navigate to the report you need. (More detailed instructions here)

After selecting a report, the search fields will default to your information for the most recently completed semester. Use the 'Term Description' search box to select all the terms you would like, then click 'Apply' and your reports will load in the bottom box.